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Magnesium is a fantastic raw material which has fascinated us from the very beginning. In addition magnesium is available more or less unlimited as it is one of the ten most prominent elements in the earth`s crust. In the meantime, magnesium can be manufactured with a minor CO2 impact. The metal can be fully recycled.With a bulk density of in average1.74 g/cm³, Magnesium is a lot lighter than steel (< 70%) or even Aluminium (< 30%). Due to its high specific stability and the mentioned density it is the most favoured raw material in automotive, aviation and aerospace.
Magnesium is a raw material of the future
Whenever we are talking about higher operating distances, higher payloads or reduction of energy consumption, magnesium will always have a key position.
This also includes medical engineering in the production of prostheses, wheel chairs or crutches. But magnesium is also indispensable for the production of any electronic compounds like smartphones. Magnesium has the ability to soften vibrations and is also able to shield electromagnetic radiation to a certain extent.
Furthermore Magnesium has a good heat conductance which is important for the manufacture of machines and engines. For a lot of applications the fact that magnesium as a biocompatible material does not have any incompatible characteristics is also decisive. Magnesium has a considerably higher melting point than aluminium which awards Magnesium with a favourable heat resistance.
Product Advantages:
High purity and good quality
Particle size distribution is homogeneous
Composition and particle size can be controlled
We can supply the free sample
FAQ: How to transport?
A: The way to transport need to be sure that the container does not leak, collapse, fall, and not damaged. It is strictly prohibited during mixed with antioxidant, etc. Transit should prevent insolate, rain, heat
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