Asus X451CA charging error, charging red charging light for 5s after flashing red indicator light notcharging.


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Get battery charger charging red light does not jump after 5 seconds flashing flashing red light, battery test is not ok, demonstrating Battery communicating with good IO, charging is not ok Acok is reporting about IO 2 status ok, running both alerts notcharging proves that the charging IC has not yet been able to communicate with the IO through the Data-Clck pin. There is a strange point that the Data and Clck lines from pin pin to IO impedance are not uniformly tried IO and channel pin, but the impedance is still the same. the other leg of IO has a broken leg, so it changes the impedance of the Data - Clck line from Pin to IO, connecting the circuit to the total impedance evenly charging ok.
Tool to find faulty components using boardview tail FZ
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