China Solar Power System


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260w poly solar panel:18pcs
A set of solar panel brackets
96-6KVA inverter and controller integrated machine:1pc
PV combiner box:1pc
12v/250ah gel battery:8pcs
A set of battery brackets
AC distribution cabinet:1pc
1*4mm2 PV cables:60m
1*16mm2 electric cables:50m
MC4 connectors:3 pairs
P.S.the configurations can be adjusted accroding to the customer’s requirements.
Off-grid solar photo-voltaic power generation refers to storing electricity with storage battery at night without the connection between the solar photo-voltaic power
generation and the grid generation.Off-grid solar photo-voltaic power generation in the civil scope is mainly used in remote rural and pastoral areas,island,plateau
and desert to provide farmers and herdsmen with the basic electricity for their lighting,television,radio and so on.Within the scope of industry it is mainly used in
communications,satellite radio and television relay station,solar water pumps,beacon light,oil pipeline cathodic protection,meteorology Stations,highway and border
Posts to provide power supply.
And it is often used for home use in recent yearsChina Solar Power System
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